Help with minus list

Hello Bubblers!

I seem to have a problem getting the :minus list operator to work properly in my app.

I have a list of skills needed for a job, lets call this list A and a list of skills the user has, lets call this list B.

I want to return the list of skills required for the job but which the user doesn’t have so essentially List A - List B, lets call this list C.

For some reason when I do List A’s list of texts :minus list List B’s list of text I still get skills that appear in both lists as missing which should not be the case. For example, lets say a required skill is Accounting, and the user has Accounting ideally accounting should not appear in List C, but it does. However, in the same set of lists the job requires Excel and the user has Excel and it doesn’t appear in list C. Screenshots below.

I tried to use the operator :trimmed so make sure there are no spaces that might throw off the :minus list operator but is still doesn’t work. Appreciate any help!


The problem is that list A list of texts is not going to remove the list B list of texts because it doesn’t have the list B List of texts…what you could do is try some operators such as group by, intersect with, or combine the two lists and use unique items operator and then filter based on those that are not in List B

Somebody else may have had to do this and could chime in with a clean way of doing it…I just spit balled ideas for you

I agree with this. It might also be helpful to try using option sets to make any exclusions easier.

From your screenshot, it looks like there’s going to be multiple variants of ‘accounting’ based on the way it’s spelt. Option sets will help you remove any unnecessary duplicates like this.