Help with Online Food Menu?


Im looking to make a online food menu, but Im struggling on finding the way on how to struccture the DB and cart components. The thing its that for a menu to be fully usable it needs to be abld to add options to the food. These options should have a minimun and maximum quantity, a value assigned to each of them (could be zero) and also a boolean to know if it is required or not.

For example you have an options like:

Type of bread: white, tortilla, integral all with value zero, minimum 1 item, maximum 1 item, required
Cheese: cheddar, swiss, goat all with value zero, minimum 1 item, maximum 1 item, required
Additional: Cheese 1, bacon 1, avocado 2, meat 2, , minimum 0 item, maximum (lenght of list) item, not required

And you could assign these values to menu items like hamburguer, sandwiches, etc.

I need to be able to have a menu that when a user adds an item would ask for the options related to that menu item, check if these options are required or not as well as the maximum or mimum quantity items for that option.

It should add the requested menu items with its options to a cart so it can calculate the total cost.

I do not need any design made, just the data structure and functionality well documented. No payment gateway, item entry, order management or similar functionalities are required either. attached its an idea of the data structure but can be changed if required.

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