Help with page urls

Hi. I am having trouble retaining the “current view” of a page that has a page url attached. When I reload the page the url remains, but the page defaults to its original state.

My page structure is the following.

The page default state is “landing”.

I have a supplier group visible when the stage is “supplier-grid”. When selecting a supplier the state changes to supplier-detail" and a group becomes visible showing the supplier detail. The page url also changes to show the is & name of the supplier.


When I refresh the page or copy the url to another tab (like sharing the entry) the page defaults back to the “landing” state and the supplier detail page disappears.

Is there a way to refresh the page and retain the view or share the page with another person?

Hi there,

The approach you’ll need to take, is having the elements on the page (and their visibility) be tied to the URL; the URL parameters become your custom state, in a sense. Now when the page is loaded, depending on how the URLs are setup, only the view you want shown will be visible.

Okay, thanks, will give that a bash