Help with placement of responsive group


I’m currently building my wine database and I love designing in Bubble so far. I only have one problem for now and that is that the text (in black) as you can see in the screenshots below keeps popping up onto the picture, as it should not and should stay on the white part.
What am I doing wrong?

Hey there :wave:

Try these videos. You can try to add a group as a spacer.

Responsiveness 1 - NoCodeMinute Videos

Responsiveness 2 - NoCodeMinute Videos

Also make sure nothing is overlapping.

It might be because of the wine bottle overlapping both the image and the group.

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Hope that helps! :blush:

Hi @alexander2

This is because your ‘black text’ group is itself inside the ‘white text’ group, therefore the text overlaps with the background picture

Try making those two groups independent instead:

  • The white text group should be inside the background picture group
  • the black text group should be inside another group below the background picture

The black text group’s height position will then adjust depending on the background picture’s height