Help with POST API setup

Hi, I am trying to setup a POST API (its confirmed by the documentation that it is POST) for retrieving users first and last names searching on my country´s database.

The users type their ID numbers and the API looks for the first name-last name registered with that ID number and returns the first and last names as text, amongst other values that I select to ignore.
The API call is initialized correctly:

However, I don´t know what to do now that I´ve setup the API, since the ID number should be dynamic for each user to type it in as an input in my app:

If I set the API to “use as” Data, this is the option that I get.

But how can I ask for the first name - last name if I have not yet told the API which is the ID number of the user?

If I setup the API to “use as” Action, this is the action that I get in the workflow.

It is missing a field to send the ID number value but I do not know how to do it.

Any help would be much appreciated! This is my first API implementation. Thanks!

Unclick the box “private” in your API setup. Does that help?

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It worked! thanks