Help with Reference a Parent Group vs Get Data from page URL performance

I have about 30 hidden groups on one page.

Each group has its own Data Source from another page’s Get Data page URL.

I’m currently stacking parent group references into each hidden group. This makes it easier to make new hidden groups and quick changes.

Performance-wise though is it more optimal to just reference the Get Data Page URL instead of doing multiple layers of parent group data. I have lots of unused groups that I used for margins and UI. These all have to reference Parent groups as far as I’m aware to get the data to show.

Ultimately I after speed. I’ve read the forums and I couldn’t find a definitive answer its seems like the best practice has changed over time.

Why would you be showing data in margins? Unless I misunderstood your comment here, there is no need to have a data source or type in an unused group, because it is not used, it doesn’t need data.

In general unused groups cause negative performance in the fact that they require computing power, however, they are unused, and therefor are just unnecessarily using computing power, so it is better to just get rid of them.

If you are struggling to get the responsiveness you need, without having unused groups, let me know and I can try to break down how to design responsively, responsibly.

Not necessarily, just different people expressing their different opinions, sometimes they may have been incorrect, myself included.

I’m not sure on this, but my assumption is there must be something going on for the parent group references to set the data. Although definitely faster than a search, I don’t know for sure if referencing parent groups data has any real impact on performance…However, if you are going to ever change the data type, for various reasons, including cloning the page for a different data type to use the same layout, you will suffer the consequences of having to go through and change the data types of all groups (it is a pain as I have been there and speaking from first hand experience on that).

I try to do this as much as I can…not sure if there is a real difference in performance, but I personally maintain the consistency since I need to use it for reusable elements to communicate properly with the page they are on.

If they are hidden and never intended to be shown, delete them and find an alternative approach to whatever you were using them for.

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