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Help with 'Remember me' function

Hi All,

I have read the documentation and tried a few different configurations but I can’t seem to work out why the Remember Me function of the login isn’t working.

I am using the default log-in template and the associated workflow both sets ‘Remember Me’ to yes and saves the email.

I have put a ‘when user is logged in’ action on the page load of the index page that should redirect the user to their dashboard when logged, but when I close the browser and open again, I am forced to log in again and it doesn’t have my email populated either.

Am I missing something here?


If you haven’t altered or added anything incorrectly in the workflow, it should work just fine.
Look at it using the debugger “step by step” function to see exactly what happens when you log in.

You can also post the link to your editor here and easy as pie for someone to investigate, as opposed to guessing based on your description.