Help with removing something from Multiple text

I need some help with the following. I have made a button that removes something off the database and it works. But when that field in the database has multiple items in it the button doesn’t work correctly. Is there a way to remove certain texts out of that field in the database?

How it works. When you press the red cross mark it removes the Unit Number, also removing it from the #Unit1 which is a field on the database and removes it from #Unit6 list (Which I’m using for a drop down also which works). But a problem that I’m having is if there is 2+ things in the #Unit6 it removes the #Unit1 but doesnt remove the #Unit6 answer for #Unit1. Here is how its set up.

You type a Unit Number into the box and press “Add Unit”. It then adds it into the box above and the database as shown below:
Adding first Unit:
What database does:

Removing first Unit:
What database does:

Adding second unit:
What database does:

Removing first Unit with a second Unit (This is what isn’t working right):
What database does:

Here is what I have in the Workflow of the cross

I feel like I need to add something else into the Workflow or edit the Workflow but I dont know what to add or edit.
Please help me work out what the problem is in the Workflow.

Thank you.

Your #Unit6 remove statement looks very odd. You can just do #Unit6 remove Input 1’s value.

I just tried that and it isnt removing the value from #Unit6 still. Only #Unit1

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