Help with repeating group of videos

If I have a repeating group of videos on a page, and I want to display the videos based on certain genres. To be more specific, I am looking to have it set up where someone clicks on a button and then it will display videos based on action, drama, comedy, etc. How would I go about doing that?

Hello @Builder125 ,

Install [Search & Autocorrect Plugin | Bubble

Link:- (Search & Autocorrect Plugin | Bubble).

Take an input element and a repeating group in which your videos will be seen.

Set the data source in the search & autocorrect plugin as shown in the screenshot.

Next, you have to set the condition for the repeating group to search for the specific data the user has input. (As shown in the screenshot). (test is the name of the input element).

If you are doing it by the dropdown then in the text to match specify the dropdown menu.

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Thank you! I will look into this plugin.

I would suggest that you

  1. create an option set called genre with the various genres you would want.
  2. Create another field in the Call it genre and make the type GENRE and make that a list


  1. Retrieve the GENRE option set in relation when on page load
  2. Create a Custom State and set the type to the GENRE option set. Make it a list because a single move could be under various genres.


  1. Set the genre datafield to the GENRE Custom state


  1. Retrieve the GENRE option set into whatever element you want.
  2. Create a custom state called RG GENRE and set it to the GENRE option set. Don’t make it a list.
  3. Set a condition on the video RG to only show videos in the RG GENRE CUSTOM state when the RG GENRE Custom state is not empty

I hope this helps. Let me know if you need further assistance

Thank you! I will look into doing this as well!