Help with repeating groups and dynamic tables

I’m new to Bubble, and I was trying to create something like a CRUD dashboard for users. I attempted to make a dynamic table with user data and buttons for deletign or editing, but I noticed that it only displays the last registered user. I did it this way:

And i get this in the preview:

I assumed it might have been my mistake, so to check if I was doing it correctly, I quickly tested with a repeating group to display user names, but I still only get the last registered user.

I dont know if im doing something wrong or what. Here is what i have in data base:

Hello @manuel.basto, welcome to Bubble.

Let me guess, it only shows the user that is logged in, right? If so, this would be a privacy issue. You’re likely not letting other people “Search” the User table.

Go to Data > Privacy - if User is private (which it should be), you would want to create permissions to allow searching of specific fields.

You’ll want to make sure that only users with correct flags have this permission.

For staff, admins, etc, I usually create a separate data-type. It’s much more secure and easier for privacy rules.

User > Admin Token
User > Client Token
User > Employee Token

Admin Token:
Onboarded = yes
active = yes

Client token:
onboarded = yes
active = yes

Employee token:
onboarded = yes
active = yes

This is a very simplified version of what I do for easier and separate privacy rules. The onboarding is to simulate them going through whatever process you provide to teach them how to use the service (not required, but there as reference).

To validate their “token”, you just run a check to see if their token isn’t empty, and update the UI accordingly (we also check to see if the token is “active”). This will allow you to easily lock a user out by just turning “active” to no.