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Help with saving data from a repeating group


I am trying to create a Habit tracker app. I have a screen setup where a user can select a checkbox that they performed a habit on that day that appears as a repeating group. How can I save data from a repeating group?

Thank you

So you’re populating a RG from an existing table and want to save that information another table?

That right. I have a habit table and am trying to save each habit performed each day into a table called daily entry.
Daily Entry = Habit ID, Date, Completed (yes\no)

You’ll need to create a workflow within RG cell where the action is something like “save current cell” (I don’t recall what the actual function is) and then you’ll specify to save that data to the “daily entry” table. You can do this, even though the data is coming from the “habit” table.

If you send a screen shot of what you have already, I’ll likely be able to give you advice.

Showing and saving dynamic data like this is a little confusing (I just figured it out a few weeks ago) but once you’ll figure out how to set up, it will make sense!

Thank you so much topher. Here are a couple screen shots.

If you have an example of how you have saved dynamic data that would be awesome!!!

Check this out:

Can you see this?

Left is the list of habits. Right is the log of the habits being saved.

Let me know if you have any questions. If this is what you want it to do, see if you can look around in the workflows and see what’s happening then let me know if you have a specific question.

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Topher. Thank you so much. This worked great!

Awesome! Glad I could help.

You’ll notice that the data type of “habit” within the “daily tasks” is a type=habit. I’m pretty sure it needs to be that way, that way you can link the two databases together.

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