Help with sending current users address to another data type when a button is clicked

Hey everyone! On signup, my users will be asked to insert their address. Once sign-up is clicked, the address gets saved. As users navigate further in my app, they will press a button, in which I need the address they submitted at signup to get saved to another datatype. Please help! This quick video I have created will explain!

Geez, @kryptoluna1234… give me a chance to respond in the first thread before you post a new one. It took you 8 days to respond, and you gave me 20 minutes! :wink:

Anyway, you have the user’s address saved in a field called Address on the User data type, right? And you have a field called finder address on the Finder data type, right? Unless I am missing something, it should be as simple as setting finder address = Current User's Address when you are creating a finder. So, give that a shot and see if you get the desired result.


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No disrespect at all! I am just trying to get this problem solved, so I am covering all my options. Thanks.

I actually did set this up the way you said, but it didn’t save the address when find or give was clicked. Going to try again.

*Update - Got it

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