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Help with sending data to a page when a user clicks a button

Hey everyone! I was wondering how when a user clicks a match they want with another user, how I can immediately notify the other user on a separate page, the user who selected them’s contact information. It’s a little confusing with words, but I have a very quick, straight-to-the-point video, to see the problem I am struggling with.

Hi there, @kryptoluna1234… I see in the video that you have a Match data type, and I’m guessing you are using that data type to show the matches to the finder on the match page. If that assumption is correct, then you already have a thing in a data type that links a finder to a giver, and you should be able to use that thing to show the finder’s email address to the giver when a match is selected.

The above being said, I would probably add a yes/no field to the Match data type, and I would set that field for the associated thing to yes when a finder selects a match. Then, you could have a repeating group on the waiting room page that shows things from the Match data type where the giver is the current user and the selected field is set to yes. In the repeating group, you could show the finder’s email address, and you would be good to go.

Anyway, there are details missing from your video that would definitely have been good to know, but I hope what I have written makes sense, and I hope it helps.


This does make sense! Sorry about the video, still pretty new to bubble.

Thank you!

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Hey @mikeloc

turns out I actually did make a mistake following what you said because my setup is slightly different. Hopefully, this second video I just made helps a bit more? I include going through all the data types and options sets, and the workflows of the area I am struggling.