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Hi, when the heart icon (picture 1) is clicked, it makes a change to the “parents group’s story” and adds he current user to the liking users. (picture 2) So far so good - everything works out.
But when the user clicks on weiterlesen (read more) he is sent to a new page. With this click he sends a few parameters to the new page (picure 3)

Now we come to the problem. On the new page, there is also a heart icon to like the story, but this icon isn’t clickable, even though it has the same workflow (picture 4) than the icon on the other page. (“This element isn’t clickable” is also off)
Does anybody know how I can make the icon work out properly?

Best wishes

Picture 1:

Picture 2:

Picture 3:

Picture 4:

On your new page what is the data source for the parent of the “Like” button? Do you have it looking for the URL parameter?

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Thank you for your answer:)
There is a big group with no data source, but the text fields in the group have a URL parameter.

There is also another group inside the big group and thats where the icon is placed. This group does also currently have no data source.

When you look at picture 3 of the first post, how would it be correct, when I need to use the parameter “Liking user”?

So does your Story contain all those other parameters as fields? Meaning does a Story have a field for Headline, Lead, Likes, etc?

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Yes a story has a field for headline, lead and story. There is no field for like, because I use it only to sort a repeating group of stories from most likes to fewest.

To solve your initial problem, when you click “Like” could you send a screenshot of your workflow?

Also the reason I was asking is I think you can just send of the unique_id of the entire “Story” over to the new page, and on the new page you do can have the main group have the source “Get data from URL” you can tell it that the type is Story instead of individually sending each field as text. Then from then on you can just reference the parent’s thing or the main groups thing instead of constantly trying to get data from the URL just to keep it cleaner. Then with your workflows on your Like button you can just do the same logic as the previous page because you’re referencing the Parent group’s Story

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There are two workflows when the user clicks the like button. One is for the situation when the current user hasn’t liked the post and one is when the current user has liked the post.

Okay so if your workflow says “Parent group’s Story” and the parent’s group data source is empty then that would be your problem. You would need to make sure the group has the “Get data from URL” as well just like your texts.

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Thank you very much. Now everything works out properly :smiley:

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