Help with stripe webhook

I am setting up a stripe webhook when a user subscribes to a payment plan. Everything works perfectly and goes through but when I come to the webhook, I always get “anonymous user” even though I am signed in.

Does anyone know where I am going wrong?

Because it’s Stripe making a call to your webhook, not the user.

Your user does something on Stripe
Stripe sends message to Bubble (not the user)

I can’t tell exactly what the webhook is receiving but if it’s a subscription it’ll contain a customer ID which you can use to Search for Users where Stripe Customer ID = request data’s object customer to find the relevant user (assuming you saved the customer ID before initiating the checkout)


Thanks mate, that worked :slight_smile:

Could you tell me why I keep getting this?


I have my keys set up right but I keep getting this error :frowning:

What’s your client secret format in the plug-in tab? Send a mostly redacted screenshot (or screenshot it then just generate a new key from Stripe dashboard). Looks like the keys aren’t set up correctly.

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