Help with Style tag problem

Hi Bubblers,

Need help with a small problem.

I have a group within a floating group. I want both to have full height.
I set the id attribute for the group to say GP, and the floating group to FG. I then have an html element in each group with a style tag:

Group with white backgroun:

#GP{ height:100%!important }

Floating group with transparent background:

#FG{ height:100%!important }

It works for the floating group, but it doesn’t work for the group (that sits inside the floating group)

Any idea why it doesn’t work or what I am doing wrong?

in the html element write it like this


#GP {
height: 100% !imporant;

#FG {
height: 100% !important;


yes did have it like that, just that the forum not showing it correctly as it removes the style tag

what are the settings for both groups? would you be able to add screenshots

the group is fixed width and the floating group is not.

floating group is relative to nothing.
could be a bubble bug because I swear it was working last night.

When you inspect using dev tools, doe’s it show the element running the css?

Yes it does but it doesn’t actually work, weird.

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