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Help with styles on repeating group


tell me please , how can I do more beautiful style on repeating group there?
I attached the picture, and why the png pictures are visibles?


Styling a repeating group really is up to the imagination. There is so many ways to design it. As for why the .png files are not working, it seems that they may not be a true .png file. PNG files are high res files, and can contain transparency. The reason for the white background would be that the images are not transparent. They may still be .png but not for transparency. The only thought to fix the images would to look for a true transparent logo, or make them transparent yourself with some very simple free online or photoshop options. Please reach out if you need more assistance or any more questions.


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Styling a repeating group really is up to the imagination.
how? tell me please an example ,can you?

If you are asking how to style your repeating group in terms of layout, color, etc. I can’t really help because it all depends on your company and what the repeating group is trying to do. For example RG groups can be used for displaying a list of text, images, accounts, etc. It all depends on what you are trying to display. Playing around with the position of text and images in that group is what I mean as “up to the imagination.” Because the way I might style it may not be the design you are going for.