Help with the postmark API and backend processes

I’m building an app currently that helps companies keep track of candidates. I handle emails through postmark and would like to use their tracking features to ensure users can see how active their candidates are. But for the life of me I can’t make it work.

The job entails building a process that everytime (or at least once daily) the database checks the engagement scores (a thing in the database of candidates) if candidates opened an email or/and opened a link in the mail and everytime give them 5 “points” to their engagement score with the highest possible score being 100 and monthly substract 10 “points” from the candidate automatically.

Hi, Paul I can help you with that, though I am looking for a long term position. Do you have other work besides this?


Hi ash, maybe at a later point, but currently no as this seems to be the only thing I can’t solve by myself. I also found someone to help me.