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Help with this URL Magic

Hey folks, first post on the forum and from what it seems, it’s an fantastic community!

My app will be used in conjunction with NFC tags (each tag will be preconfigured by myself to open a predefined unique URL on the phone of whoever taps the tag).

Essentially, here is the flow I’d like to create.

  1. Customer buys NFC Tag.
  2. Customer taps the card to their phone to set-up, it takes them to a page where they can sign-up and enter their details. Once finished their sign-up, it’ll create a virtual business card hosted on Bubble which the can edit etc.
  3. Now they’ve setup, when somebody taps the card against their phone they are now taken to the virtual business card.

How would I achieve this in terms of URLS and data structures?

The important thing to note is that each NFC Chips will be preconfigured to point at a specific URL, for example



You can use a ID generator for you URL tags, so you don’t have to set up then before in Bubble.
Then when the page is loaded with the tag, it create the database type linked with this unique url.
That’s how I would achieve it.

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There is a proof of concept of your request:

Use this link and replace the bold value by anything. IdOfTheNfcTag

If the NFC tag is already configured, you can see the name. Otherwise, you are invited to configure it.

Editor link:

Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello, I am interested to know if you have figured this out, I am also doing something similar and I am having trouble executing it properly. Please DM if you are willing to help me out. Thanks!