Help with updating a record

i m building my first app with Bubble and facing a very silly issue.

i have a repeatating group like this:

when you click on view, it takes you to a form to allow u to update the record. the first two fields are basically for display and not editable

when i make changes in record and update, everything gets updated, but Mentee Name goes BLANK.
there is a reason for this as a listbox and not a input or textbox

i would appreciate some help please

What is the default value or initial content of the Mentee Name dropdown? It should be parent group’s datatype’s name (or whatever field is being displayed) and as long as your workflow does not change that then it should not go away.

Thanks @williamtisdale , here is my setting
2022-06-21 at 22.42

i cant seems to have same command for Default value as i have for Placeholder, it always gives me an error

If MenteeNameT is a field on MentorTracking and is of type Mentee then you just need to remove the First Name part. The default value has to be Current Page MentorTracking’s Mentee

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Thank you so much for help @williamtisdale

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