Help with VLOOKUP and Web API

Hi, I am very new to Bubble so please be patient with me :grin:

I am using Firebase to have a user login, then saving their email address as “Current User’s Firebase Email” and I have that working successfully. Where I am running into problems is with trying to work with data coming from AirTable API.

I am able to pull the JSON data from AirTable, and I am even able to get it into a RepeatingGroup. But I am unable to figure out how to compare the Current User’s Firebase Email to the “Email Address” column from AirTable, so that I can look up the user’s first and last name, which I want to store as “Current User’s First Name” and “Current User’s Last Name.”

I am trying to do this once they arrive on my “logged_in” page, so that when the page loads, it identifies their first and last name (based on the already-stored email address) and displays it at the top of the page. I also need to identify other data from AirTable that pertains to the user, but the first and last name is a good start, and I think once I have that working, I can likely figure out the rest.

Can anyone provide me with some insight? Even just a pointer in the right direction? Please, and thanks!