Help with web app functionality

Hello everyone,

I have started on a web app project but I am needing some help with the more technical functions. I would be interested in hiring someone to do the work or have a “mentor” help me work though it.

I need help :

  • Users searching, adding and deleting other users (like a “friends” list)
  • Displaying proper information in users profile
  • Adding payment functionality

I can give you more details but I would really prefer to zoom and show you what I have and get your input on the web app and discuss the help needed.

All help is appreciated.

the first two have been done many times, to the point where there’s a lot of youtube videos / text guides walking you through them.

You can do the bubble-managed Stripe plugin for basic stripe payments and subscriptions. With more complex Stripe actions, you may have to look into CoPilot’s Stripe plugin :slight_smile:

@dannyliu I have been trying watch videos and read forums about them and of course anything is possible but I would really like someones help with more experience at this point. Any chance you would be interested in helping me?

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