Help with Workflow Logic

Hey guys, I need assistance here.

So I have two Billing scenarios on an app that I am working on:

  1. If ACCEPT is clicked and Address is Verified, Billing is executed.

  2. If ACCEPT is clicked but Address is not yet verified (i.e. still Pending), we will pend Billing. Once Address becomes verified, the Billing will automatically be executed.

Now, I have achieved number 1. But having issues with number 2 above.

My question for number 2 is, what workflow am I going to set that looks for when the User’s address becomes verified so that the pending Billing can execute automatically

Hi @ritzygem13 ,

Did you have a look at recursive workflows? Depending on your requirements, you can use this to hourly, daily, weekly etc. check whether the address is verified. If it is, execute billing, if not schedule the workflow again for the next hour, day, week etc…


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