(HELP) Workflows stuck on popup instead of repeating groups cells

Hi there, @zach11… I don’t know if what I am about to suggest is the best way to go (especially when it comes to workload units), but I was able to create the functionality you described in your video, so I will throw the following out there as food for thought.

I’m not sure exactly what’s going on with your custom events, but I went down the path of having three custom events that change a value in a field on the repeating group’s data type. In my example, I used the User data type, and I added a field called num with a field type of number. Then, I had the custom events change the value in the current cell’s user’s num field from 1 to 2 to 3 with each custom event scheduled on a 5-second delay. Finally, I added conditions to the group in the repeating group to change the background color of the group when the current cell’s user’s num is set to a particular number, and the end result is exactly what you said you want… each cell in the repeating group progresses through the colors no matter how many cells are running the workflow at the same time.

Anyway, like I said, just food for thought, and I hope it helps.


Thanks a bunch for the reply.

Here’s a loom with workflows shows and a better description of what the issue is.

Okay, I think I know what’s going on because I just made a change to my example, and I was able to replicate the behavior you are seeing. in a nutshell, your custom events don’t have a parameter for the sub-account.

Because you aren’t sending the sub-account each time the events are triggered, they start over again every time with the sub-account that is sent to the popup.

So, for all of your custom events, add a parameter (name it whatever you want), and set the parameter’s Type to Sub-account. Then, in the actions in the custom events, set the thing to change to the parameter. Finally, when the execute button is clicked, schedule the custom events to run on the Parent group's Sub-account, and I think you should be good to go.


You’re a legend Mike!

Another question, I have a reset workflow, ill drop a loom below, but it seems like the reset workflow is causing a bug or im giving bubble too many inputs at once.

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I think its too many unputs because i tested it without triggering the custom event that resets the values and the same issue is happening - if too many cells are scheduled to change color all evnts stop

Taking a step back, I assume you want all of this stuff to run client side on purpose (as opposed to using a backend workflow), and I assume you know the custom events will stop running if the user closes the page. Also, I think things will get a bit funky if the user triggers the workflow again for a sub-account on which the workflow is already running because to the best of my knowledge, you can’t cancel a scheduled custom event, so now you have multiple schedules running on the same sub-account. You might want to consider making it so the user can’t trigger the workflow again for the same sub-account until the first workflow completes, but I have no idea if that would work for your use case(s).

ah, no i did not know the workflows would stop and i didnt know everything was client side.

So this will be for an ISA team (multiple users will be looking at the same screen and select accounts to call based on color code) so if an account turns red on one users page, it needs to turn red for all users.

Similarly, if an account is scheduled to trigger an action by a specific user, the action still needs to trigger if all users sign out.

Should i switch to backend workflows for this?

Yup, I would use a backend workflow for sure.

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All of your advice and then moving everything to backend workflows has this working exactly as envisioned. Thank you Mike!

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