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Help Wrapping Up an App

Here’s what I have:

An app that allows customers to book hair salon employees based on what hours they are working each day and when their lunch break is.

I have the UI pretty much under control. I have an API I built that calculates available appointment times for an employee when called and it’s properly returning the data to Bubble.

Pretty cool actually! It’s all working nicely.

What I need help with:

I need help displaying and manipulating the data that comes into bubble from my API. The available appointments. I am trying to show a list of available appointments and then to allow the customer to select one, blocking it off.

Now, there are 3 different length appointments, depending on what type of service the customer wants. half hour for a trim, full hour for a cut and wash and 2 hour for cut and color process. SO, there are 3 lists of available appointments for each hair salon employee.

1). a list of 2 hour appointments
2) a list of 1 hour appointments
3) a list of half hour appointments.

The API takes care of generating all of these.

What I DON’T know is what the best practices are to display these appointments in Bubble.

What else I don’t know is how to work with lists of numbers (the appointments) in bubble to delete parts of the lists that go unavailable when someone books an appointment

For Example: If someone books a 2hr appointment at 1:00, the half hour at 1:30 needs to be removed from the half hour appointment list, as do several other appointments.

I do not know the best practices with bubble to do this type of work. I could do it in JavaScript in the API, but I’m assuming I just don’t know my way around Bubble well enough to do it here.

I’d be open to hiring someone to get me through this step to get something working to do the following:

*display the list of available appointments
*allow users to select available appointments
*automatically delete appointments from all 3 lists (of 2hr, 1hr and 1/2hr appts) when a user selects an appointment that overlaps other available appointments in the other appointment lists

I can handle the rest.

Anyone up for this? You can either do the work yourself or contract to teach me how to do it, providing me with examples.

Thank you!