Helppppp 😭 - Records aren't saving as intended

Hi Bubblers,

I am not sure what I am doing wrong here. I have a short video explaining it here. Essentially, I’m creating 2 records and on the workflows, it seems to be created properly, even on the page it’s being created properly, but in the database it’s saving incorrectly.

Please help, I’ve wasted countless hours.

Thank you so much :pray::heart::unicorn::crossed_fingers:

Screenshot the steps in the workflow, especially the 2nd “Create a Equipment in Use”

Thanks for helping Tyler :pray:

Workflow 1 is creating the equipment in use (EinU) for the jet ski rental. This is working and made to schedule the jet ski rental for 10am.

Workflow 2a is creating the EinU for the flyboard. This appears to be working but not writing correctly in the database. I am using Date & Tool time kit to create 30 min time intervals. I have it set up so that when an “action pass is booked” it creates EinU so that equipment is no longer available based on the time slot selected. There is a rule that you see that checks the jet ski time slot from workflow one and blocks that one out as the person can’t do both activities at the same time.

Workflow 2b shows the other piece to add the corresponding date and equipment type to the timeslot.

Flyboard Rg is the RG that displays the list of timeslots based on the selected date and selected time which pulls from the Split date range flyboard.

Split date range flyboard creates the range based on the selected date and selected time that is chosen by the customer.

I also thought I’d add some images of the data structure for your reference.

Let me know if you need any more details. Thanks so much…

Some background of what I am trying to build.
I own a watersports business with over 20 different activities. Many activities use the same equipment, for example, a jet ski is used for 15, 25 & 55 min rentals, Jet Ski tours, Jet Ski snorkel tours, action passes, tubing, wakeboarding, flyboarding, foil boarding, and water skiing. I am trying to create a booking system so that “equipment in use” for these activities doesn’t get double booked and create a scheduling conflict. We have 12 jet skis, so we also need to consider the quantity for each slot.

If you ever want to vacation to St.Kitts and Nevis, I’ll be happy to offer all the water sports you can dream of :wink: (Serious offer)

Did you maybe check if the problem is with different time zones?

Don’t think it’s time zones, everything else is working fine. plus it wouldn’t be off by half an hour. There are also no backend workflows.

Could you provide a link to an editor so I can check logs to see what it says there?

Sorry I am away from computer for a while today.

But I am going to take the guess that when it creates the 2nd “Equipment in use” you are trying to pick the next time slot but aren’t explicitly taking into account the newly created 1st “Equipment in Use”

If you point to the Repeating Groups list of items you can’t assume step 1 is completed and included in that list

So you have an asynchronous issue going on where step 2 is happening same time as step 1 (Bubble actions don’t actually run in sequence unless you force it by using the “Result of step 1…”)

Just a guess but hopefully you can run with that. Maybe I can take a closer look later :grin:

I see you included the previous step’s result to determine the “Timeslot span list” but not in the “Start Time” or “End Time” fields.

Doing debug mode forces stuff to happen step-by-step but on regular mode it won’t work like that

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This is one of those problems where breaking it into much smaller tasks will help a bunch!

Even with screenshots and the video it’s just tough to debug it.

I would take the logic in the workflows and make that visible on the frontend so you can click around on the calendar and see exactly what it thinks the different values are.

Hi Tyler,

Thank you for the response, and sorry for my late response, I haven’t been available to work on this.

I am pointing to the RG list of items for time slots, however, it is filtered so it doesn’t contain the timeslot span list result of step 1. Since this filter is merged with pulling from the timeslot span from the RG shouldn’t this ensure that this slot shouldn’t be selected?

I have also included the previous step’s result in the end time as well as the start time, I just didn’t screenshot it as I thought it might be repetitive. The start time and timeslot span list are the exact same. The end time is slightly different as it adds a duration that pulls from the duration from the selected calendar for EinU #2.

I will continue to try and work on it again. Hopefully, you have some time to check. Or perhaps offer an easier method to make something like this work.

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