Here is a solution to trending for anyone that wants it

So I have asked about this several times with no replies. Here is a way to create a trending list:

Step 1: You should have in place a way for users to post text. So in your workflow, when a post is created and text= input text, you need a separate field that is also created at this workflow step… I called this field “Topic”.
In this field, topic= input value:extract with regex, and put this as the regex code: (?:\s*\b([A-Z][a-z]+)\b)+
This code will extract anything capitalized, even consecutively. So it could be Chris Matthews, or Hardball with Chris Matthews, Jingle Bell Rock, it will extract all of these and anything with caps as well as words between capitalized words.

Step 2: Make a Data Type called Trending. Make two fields, “Tally” which is a number, and “Trend Word” which is a text.

Step 3: In the same workflow, add an additional step: create a new “Trending”. For the fields, make “Trend Word”= result of step that creates the post’s “Topic”, and make “Tally” = Do a search for , and in the search box that pops uo, select “Trending” as the type, for the search constraint, the first constraint should be “Tally” isnt empty (this constraint may not be needed but I haven’t tested it without it yet), and the 2nd constraint should be “Trend Word”=Result of Step that creates the post’s topic, and then go back to the box where you selected Do a Search for , where it should say “Tally”= Do a search for “Trending”, and select count+1, so in totality, for “Tally” it should say= Do a search for “Trending”:count+1

Step 4: Create a repeating group. The type of content for the repeating group should be “Trending”. The repeating group should search for “Trending”, and then in the box that pops out, “Trending” should be the type, and then for the constraint select “Tally”>a number you feel will indicate that the topic is trending.

Step 5: Add text to the repeating group. The text should by dynamic and indicate current cell’s “Topic”.

Now you have a trending feature. Of course this only keeps track of trending pronouns that are capitalized but if you look at twitter, it usually features pronouns, and capitalized too. For the >number in step 4, you can change it to what you feel would mean that a word is trending to you. You have to figure out, based on how many users you have, how many posts would it take for you to consider a topic is trending. For starting out it could be as small as 3, for something that has a lot of users, it could be 1000 or even 10000. This is up to you.

I had no help on this except googling a regex code to extract pronouns. This is just a start but if anyone has any suggestions, please add them in this thread. I would love to find a way to extract words that aren’t in caps and to see any other alternatives to this method.


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