Here is an idea for preventing screenshots

1.Put a shape over an image. Shape set to visible when page loads.
2. Set a condition to the shape: Not visible when pressed.

The user has to press the shape to reveal the image.

So now, it is hard for a user to make a screen shot because they need to be pressing on the shape to reveal the image. When they go to take a screenshot, they can’t press on the shape and do a screenshot at the same time.

Additional option: set up a workflow: when the shape is pressed, image is shown. This may help to add an extra layer of security. Just make sure the group or page this image is in resets by some other action.

If anyone has a more sophisticated or better option to prevent screenshots, let me know.

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Most, if not all, methods of preventing screenshots are easily defeated.

It’d be better to look into why users are doing screenshots, which will likely give insight into some functionality that you can provide to enhance their experience.


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