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Hey Bubble, please work on the plugin marketplace πŸ™

Hey Bubble, please work on the plugin marketplace.

As a Bubble developer for a few years now, I am not getting used to the frustration I feel every time I open the plugin marketplace popup.
Frequently, the popup crashes at the opening, search is really slow, and discovering plugins using the β€œnew” sorting option is almost impossible.

It is a small issue, I agree, but for those who spend their day on Bubble, 10 seconds of loading every time plus 3 browser tab crashes per day represent a huge loss of time on a long-term view.

In addition, it makes it hard for plugin developers to have their work found, discovered or installed, and it results in a loss of interest for them to contribute more to the marketplace.

The reviews are also misleading, as they are shown even if an update has been published after the review, so bugs that lead to bad reviews might be already fixed.

This is absolutely not an attack, but I see with most of my customers and student that all of them are annoyed by this issue but nobody actually claim it somewhere you could see it, so here I am.
Thanks again for your amazing platform, and thanks for reading this post.

Love :heart:

Bubblers, please feel free to comment and support this post to gain visibility.
Feel also free to expose your ideas or the issues you are encountering with the plugin marketplace so Bubble’s team can have better feedback and insights.


Second this - I sent in a request as well that it seems to freeze for ages like it’s loading every plugin at the same time.

@eve Please can you forward these concerns on?

On the other hand, it’s amazing to see how fast the plugin marketplace is growing!

Agree. There are fantastic plugin releases that fly under the radar. I’m not sure how the situation can be improved, but with the massive funding Bubble recently received I’m sure that the resources could be made available to address the issue.

Agree. The marketplace deserves some TLC.

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Yeah completely agree!
It’s hard to discover plugins how it is now.
Would be great if plugin authors would have their profile showing the plugins they created and even if they take plugins requests for developing a particular one.
Just some thoughts to it :slight_smile:


I completely agree.

por favor!!!

Yes Victor, it needs a good refactoring. I’m sure they will do it very soon :smiley: