Hey @bubble - you broke the data model for Lists in SSAs! Please to fix!

Thank you @shaunh for the articulate explanation of the impact this had on you. Per @mikeloc 's suggestion, I’m going to share @shaunh 's post with the Bubble team, because I think it’s important for us to get periodic reminders that there are real people with serious businesses on the other end of our work. I am sincerely sorry for the disruption this issue caused.

I’d also like to give a bit of context here: the plugin API, in its poorly-documented state, was built back when Bubble just consisted of Emmanuel and me. @alex.stanescu and other engineers on our team have been doing a heroic job excavating the (quickly-written, under-documented, messy) code we wrote years ago and barely remember, and modernizing it so that we can get to a world where we do have a sane, rational, public documented API. I am very sympathetic to every plugin developer who just guessed our API and took advantage of “private” state we didn’t mean to expose, because, yeah, I don’t see how you would have figured it on your own otherwise. I’m also very sympathetic to our team trying to figure out what’s implementation and what’s interface, because they have the same challenge you do. I think this incident is a good reminder that a lot of plugins rely on stuff that might look like an implementation detail from our end, and I’ll make sure our team is cognizant of it.

…sadly, basically, yes. I’ve written a longer-form version of this point that explains why this is the current state and how we are thinking about the evolution of it here: What is Bubble's policy on pushing changes? - #4 by josh