Hey I have a question

This is my first time building a app… I did register a domain name with. Com connected to this app. Should I’ve used register .io instead?:thinking: Because people are telling me they cannot open up the app to test it out!!!

Have you deployed your application?


Yes I did that about 2 weeks ago… And I just did it again

Are you able to view the app on your custom domain yourself? Would you be able to share the link?

No I cannot view it by punching in my domain… giftcardsbanking.com

I assume you’re only able to view on the Bubble domain then, right? “app-name.bubbleapps.io

Does your Domain setup look connected? Settings > Domain & Email

Okay I will do this right now thank you so much

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I am going to guess that you have the wrong name for your application. Check the spelling “giftcardsbanking”

Is this your application name?

Also, I get a message that your page is redirecting to itself. You may have an endless loop there. What do you have in the ON PAGE LOAD?

Yes that’s it… I just tried it a minute ago and it’s still doing the redirect Loop

Go to your workflow and make sure you are not navigating to your domain on the ON PAGE LOAD. I am guessing you put something in there before you knew how this works.

Hope it’s that and you get going with your project.


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Thanks for your input hopefully I got it now

I mean more than just one changes… I hope I was able to correct what you was telling me… Can you check it out for me?


It is still having the same problem. Private message me if you want me to take a look.


Sorry about the long delay, do you live in United States? Because if you do we can exchange numbers and maybe you can walk through this with me