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Heyo, so my issue is i want to have a input where a user can imput a code (a code like 5MK6-NSTQ-LQLJ-P4ZS) and make it so if they get that code it makes a change to their database (Like wether they are support or not and have access to that page.) but i want the same input box to be able to support another code, which does somthing else. is that possible in its current state without plugins?

yes, you can use one input for multiple fields. if you want input to have auto-binding set conditions.

Hey, Im confused on what you mean. If my input has a certain code in it, i want it to update my users access, but if it has another code in the SAME input it updates another part of the access how would i do this?
Can you teach me over discord

wdym, show me some screenshots
& i dont use discord

Hey @lucasstyles123 … that is a great question. If I understand you correctly, then it is a situation I often find myself in. What I do is to have two identical looking inputs on my page at exactly the same location, and have them set to be invisible when the page is loaded. I then use conditionals along with some custom states to switch their visibility on and off… so it may look something like this:

Input 1 - conditions say it is visible when state “Show Input 1” is true.
Input 2 - conditions say it is visible when state “Show Input 2” is true.

In Workflows, On Page Load : “Show Input 1” = true, “Show Input 2” = false.

The Workflow when Input 1 has been entered correctly then toggles the values of “Show Input 1” and “Show Input 2” so magically the user can enter the second piece of information in the same screen location as the first, but into what is a separate input element.

I hope that makes sense and corresponds to your use case!

Best wishes,

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I ended up solving the problem by have 6 different workflows for the same input that activate when the redeem code button is activated, and ended up make a database list including all codes, then checking if the input = one of those codes and assigning roles based on that (Using “Only if” logic) It works fine.
This solution may be bad if there are hundreds of codes, but it works for now

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