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Hi Everyone, Constantin here

Hi Everyone!

I am Constantin and is a great pleasure for me to meet you! I have recently joined Bubble community right after my friend (and business partner) Claudiu (@cm1) introduced me in Bubble world (with his unbreakable enthusiasm!).

Since then, we both teamed to see how can we build awesome apps on Bubble and how can we provide great experience to our clients with the projects we create.

Some details about me
I am a software engineer (over 11-year practical experience in software development) and entrepreneur. Even with my coding experience, I warmly embraced the idea of creating apps with no code. After all, we all love to see our ideas functional as soon as possible. :slight_smile:

Me and Bubble
I really enjoy the power of Bubble tool, and together with Claudiu, we decided to join our skills into creating beautiful apps. We build apps and web businesses in Bubble framework, and I welcome you to stay close with us!

Thanks for reading and looking forward to hearing from you and your Bubble projects!