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Hi, I have a question. I have tried several things hope someone can help me out

I have a platform for freelancers by the way.

A client places an assignment and freelancers respond to it and some are chosen by the client to carry out the assignment.

Here comes my question: Some who can’t work have to find replacement and accept suitable replacement.

I’ve tried many things to make it as simple as possible, but I really can’t.

I hope any of you have an idea would be immensely grateful.

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What do you currently have setup as at the moment it’s hard for me to try and picture this.

Indeed, what jamesmeeds wrote in the previous post.

But a couple of general tips are possible:

  1. Give the relation (and create a data type for it if there is none) between a freelancer and an assignment a start date and end date. So you can see who was working on which assignment on a certain date.
  2. If you want to see which freelancer found which replacement freelancer, add a field “found by” to the relation described at item 1.

I think sharing screens or design would help us better grasp your need.
The single question that comes right into my mind is why do freelancers who don’t have free time to do the job apply for the assignment?
Maybe adding the assignment schedule would fix this on a UX level?


Thank you for your message.

I’ll explain it in steps:

  1. Client places an assignment with the time, price… assignments are one-time.
  2. That appears in job page and freelancers respond to the assignment (apply).
  3. The client accepts who invites them.
  4. That appears in the page called myjob.
  5. I that page can check it out and they can cancel job 24 hours in advance.
  6. Now I want them to be able to choose a replacement as well.


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