Hi Total Newbie

How do I build the block feature on a dating site type build ?
What step do I follow anyone know or link to tutorial would be great

Hi there, @anon7044910… one way to go about building a block feature would be to have a field on the User data type called something like blocked, and make that field a list of users. Then, when User A blocks User B, for example, add User B to User A’s blocked field. With such a list in place, you would be able to build other functionality around it, such as checking a user’s blocked list to see if another user should be able to contact them.

I doubt you will find a tutorial on how to build this exact feature, but hopefully my response can help you get going.


Thanks, that kinda makes sense.
Still leaves a lot of blanks. I was kinda expecting this to be a set category with options to configure with parameters to adjust. Your saying I’d have to set/patch this up myself.
I only started this today and seen a few tutorials.
Typically they only give bits of information that leads to no information required .

The functionality would be totally dependent upon how you are building your app, so yes, you would have to set/patch it up yourself based on the needs of your app. That being said, there are a ridiculous number of templates out there, and maybe one of them has a block feature in it. I never use templates because that would defeat my purpose of using Bubble (total control over the build), but you should check them out if you don’t want to build from scratch.

I think I get the idea of it now I would just like to see an examples of how it works then build or adjust from there. Maybe need to study a lot more. I built a wix and 1 on 1 web site with page buttons. This is just a bit more in depth I am assuming as to paths ?
I just need to tinker I guess.
Do I have to pay to see what the site would be like as a user do you know ?
I know I can preview but is this as a user or the visitor ?

No, you don’t have to pay to see what the site would be like for a user. You can preview the app and log in as a user or run the app as any user directly from the Data >> App data tab (select the Users data type and you will see a Run as link on each row).

Ok cool, Can I ask in your opinion. Can this service be used to build a dating site like tinder and pof for example ? As i’ve looked at templates and they do not even go into how these sites operate properly or show options on how to the mechanics work the other features. let alone show these other features required on dating sites . Am I wasting my time with this ?
If so what do I need to start learning instead please mate ??.
I hav


Absolutely not. You can definitely build the features associated with a dating site on Bubble.

In my opinion, you don’t need to learn something else instead, and I would start your learning journey on Bubble by doing the Bubble lessons and by diving deep into this blog post.

Very grateful for your time Mikeloc.
I have a very long road in front of me I guess.
I can find every tutorial I need apart I need from the blocking mechanics .
Must be a industry secret or something.
I am sure I can find something and adapt it to do the task.
As I say I find it odd that this is not a template/preset/plugin etc
Do you or anyone else have any ideas at all as to what can be repurposed as a blocking feature ?

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