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Hidden Drop Area Help

Got some great ideas from: Tree with Drag and Drop Reorder

I’m thinking a drop area that only shows up when the element is dragged would be cool, but am having issues with the dynamically visible dropzone not picking up the draggable group. See this example.


Any suggestions?


Apparently the drop function works just fine, but the conditional formatting doesn’t work. Added a drop counter and it’s registering the drop.

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I think I ran into something like that. But it looks like you have determined the issue. I wonder if that is an enhancement request that would be easy to “fix”.

If you can summarize what the enhancement would be we can look into it

Found a so-so solution. Make the droppable area visible when the drag area is pressed instead of when the drag starts. Unfortunately that makes it pop up a bunch when you’re clicking on elements inside of the draggable area.

Summary of the enhancement = make “is hovered” and “is dragged over” conditional formatting rules work even if the target zones are not visible when the drag starts.

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