Hidden element, then Show the element and then again hidden element

Hello everyone,

I am creating a X clone. You will see on the picture, it is an Xtra ugly clone ^^ . But I need your help before to design.

So, as you can see on the picture below from the real twitter, I want that a popup / group open when the mouse is hovered on the Username of the guy. AND the popup / group is hidden when the mouse moves and is not hovered the username.

But it does not work on my side, particularly when on the second step, when the mouse moves and is not hovered the username. I show you how I created my X clone.

To resume, there is a repeating group :
The feed with all the tweet and the username
Multiline input : To allow the guy to write the tweet
A button click : To publish the tweet (in the workflow, it is to send the multilineinput in the data)

Is it possible that when the mouse is hovered on the Username (The red round circle), an elment appears (Red square) ?
And when the mouse isn’ hovered on the username, the red square is hidden ?

I Show you my workflow:
Capture 21.10 Page Feed_ Workflow 1
The Red square, so OK

Capture 21.10 Page Feed_ Workflow 2
The red Square is not hidden : NO OK.


Do you want to do somethig like this; Bubble | No-code apps (bubbleapps.io)

Hover on the names

Heres the editor solutions | Bubble Editor


And is it possible to add more information only on the popup ? like the number of the folowwers for example?

Thank you so so so much!

:100: yes add all the visual elements you want but beware if you add too many elements it take more time to render the group
hope this helps

IT WORKS !!! IT F****** WORKS !!!
Sorry, each step, I achieved something i am too much enthusiastic!

But that’s weird because, I should do the opposite of you to make it possible :

Capture 21.10 Page Feed_ Popup 2

I should have written “isn’t hovored” and unclick “visible”
And you have written “is hovored” and click on “visible”.

I don’t know but Thank you so much!!!

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