Hidden Group doesn't hide again on reload [Willing to pay for solution]

My setup is pretty complicated and can therefore only really be described in a video. I am willing to pay if anyone can find a solution to this!

I showcase the actual problem at minutes 2:11 in case you aren’t interested in seeing the setup.

Hi! I usually put the input i want to reset in a group and then i reset the group, i’ve already had problems with “reset relevant inputs”

I’ve found out that the problem isn’t related to resetting the group/input field, but instead the newly created Habit Tracker Entry continues to gets shown even if the page parameters change and it shouldn’t be visible anymore.

I managed to fix this by, instead of hiding the Habit Element, Showing the Habit Tracker element and then displaying the data in the habit element, just updating the custom state with the current custom state + the newly created item.