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Hidden objects empty space


is there a way to hide the empty space left by hidden objects?

Thanks in advance,


This might be what you’re looking for. It’s an option on a group element.

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Thanks Scott, I realized this is only in the group, not in the the text.
But why is not possible to collapse also the width? :slight_smile:
That would be more clean for my layout…

sergio i love your profile pic,that amazing

I am am QA Manager in Space Industry… so that fits well :slight_smile:

Placing a text element within a collapsible group should give you the same effect.

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Hi Scott,

it doesn’t seem to work, not the way I expected at least.
Here the example:

I want the “Label” to appear only in the first column and the following ones the Data Box should be smaller… am I missing something?

Thanks again for your time.

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