Hide Api responses

Hello im using an API and i get some response messages pop-us like user not found, or success pop-up messages and those “pop-up” messages looks like errors and shows to everyone on the page.

Something like this: How to hide API Connector's 404 message

Is there any way to hide those “pop-up replies from api server”??


Help please!! upppp

Nothing? Isn’t there a WAY for hide those messages or even control them?

I have a big problem with this, because throws api responses everywhere. I have example: Workflow when value isn’t valid show a message, but the api message appears first and the workflow doesn’t execute.

In your workflow look for
unhandled errors

Thanks but what i should put in? Code or message error type?
How i can see what kind of code have my “pop-up”?

It worked with only “An unhandled error occurs” Without any specification on Only when…
But im affraid if some other api response throws, this workflow will fire everytime

Sometime ago I changed the response type from JSON to XML in the API Connect, and it worked!