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Hide Cell in RG - set invisible not sufficient (Not Solved)

This hasn't been solved

Good afternoon Bubblers,
I’m bumping this topic as I’m struggling to find any solution. Basically how can we hide cells when hidden by specific conditions. When hiding a cell and setting it to collapse when invisible, it still seems to take up space?

Please preview the preview post below to see, thanks!


Best Regards,

@magnus.kanholt says “if we use row and one column, it works fine and empty rows take up no space but if we use 2 or more columns then it takes up space”

I’m kinda in a rush to get this sorted out so would appreciate any insight!

Hi @jackbrandt788 :wave:

The best way is to save the result of your call inside a custom state (list type) and than, while you are doing the Search to set up your repeating group records, use the data from you custom state to constraint the results.

Doing this way, your repeating group will show only the data you want, there will be no need to make cells invisible.

What type of data are you receiving from your api call?

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