Hide date from time picker

Hey, is it possible to hide the date portion of a date/time picker? See screenshot.

I only need one date picker and 2 time pickers. I have the date of the date/time picker 2 set to min and max value of date/time picker 1’s value. So I only need the date/time picker 2 to show time. Is this possible? If not, any other solutions to this?

I need the end result to be 2 different time stamps. So if I could pick one date with just a date picker, then 2 times with 2 different time pickers, then combine the date picker with time pickers to create a timestamp… I guess that could work too.

What do you think? Thanks crew!

Probably best to to create your own dropdowns to use as the time pickers, then just add that to the date to create the 2 timestamps…

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Good to know, thanks. If it’s not too much trouble, how would I go about that?

I see you can extract a timestamp in a workflow action.

If it’s too much, I may be able to figure this out on my backend Xano. Thanks!

It depends on what times you want to have available (i.e. every 30 mins, every 5 mins, every hour etc. and whether all day or just between certain hours)…

but I’d probably use an option set for this…

Otherwise you could just use a datatype instead.

In either case they need to have a Number attribute (or field) in hours or minutes after midnight, along with a display (text) attribute for displaying them…

For example, if using 30 minute increments, 9:00am would have a display value of 9:00am and an hour value of 9.5 (or a minutes value of 1080)…

The date/time picker will automatically set the time to midnight of the chosen date if no time is specified, so all you need to do is set your date value to the date/time pickers value :plus(hours): the time dropdown's value's hours.

You could use actual ‘date’ fields or attributes instead of numbers, but I’m not sure there’s any advantage to that, and it’s probably simpler to just use numbers.

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