Hide element until paid

I am a newbie but need help with this… I want a few fields hidden, or blacked out until the user pays a fee. Once he pays then they will be visible. What is the best way of doing this?

Put the fields that you want hidden into a group (or multiple groups). Then set those groups to be hidden by default. And, add a condition to them to make them visible is the “current user’s isPaying = yes”

Then, add a field to the user table called “isPaying” and make it a yes/no field. Set the default value equal to no.

Last, have people pay you. And, when they pay, as part of that workflow, you can change the that user’s isPaying value in the database from no to yes. Then, when they view your page, those originally hidden fields will now be visible.

Thank you! What pay service would you use in this? Stripe?

Yeah, Stripe seems to be most people’s first choice. If your use case is unique maybe do some research, but Stripe seems to work well for most everyone.

@sridharan.s I agree, Stripe seems to be the most popular of the payment integrations and feels like a comfortable integration from Bubble’s own ‘Stripe’.

There are quite a few other plugins that offer more advanced API calls, but for the essentials this is a good place to start.

The transaction fee for using Stripe is fair, including Stripe’s documentation, easy to use site and the ability to make a one-off payment or build a customer database with subscriptions is really handy.

With that said there is a PayPal plugin which seems pretty solid or BrainTree which will allow PayPal integration as well - haven’t personally used so cannot vouch.


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