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Hide floating group when page width is less than fixed nbr of pixels


While trying to learn more about responsive design, I want to hide a floating group (to use as a sidebar) when the current page width is less than …px.

I assume I should be able to achieve this with a conditional, however I cannot seem to manually add a fixed number of px here.

I can only select one of these options. Does anyone know how I can create a conditional to hide the floating group when the current page width is equal to or less than 959px ?

Thank you for your help!

Hey @sampannemans :wave:

Hmm, without seeing the project, this will just be a stab in the dark. Let’s see what we can do…

Have you tried just typing in 959 since it is expecting a number. Don’t add ‘px’ at the end of it.

Let me know if that helps. :blush:


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Hi @J805

Your suggestion worked (not adding ‘px’ at the end)!

Thanks for your help!
Much appreciated! :grinning:

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No problem! Glad it worked. :blush: