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Hide next course if classes not marked as completed

I am trying to build a elearning platform where I have courses, classes, users and completed classes.
I have a repeating group with courses and inside a another repeating group with classes.
I want to show only classes for next course if the classes of the actual course are marked as completed.
Can you help me? Thanks

Hi there, @pintonuno… I’m sure there are plenty of ways to go about doing what you have described. As I was thinking about it, it felt like it would be more complicated (and possibly slow) if you have to look at each class within a course to see if they have all been completed by a particular user. So, something that came to mind is to have a list of visible courses on the User data type, and you could add a course to a user’s list when all of the classes within the previous course have been completed.

With that field in place, this conditional on the classes repeating group produces the desired result…


Anyway, someone might come along with a much better idea, but the suggestion above doesn’t seem like the worst idea to me, so I thought I would throw it out there for you. Hope it helps, even if it’s just food for thought.


It seems a good approach @mikeloc but how to do this step:
“add a course to a user’s list when all of the classes within the previous course have been completed.”

Well, I didn’t build it all out, so that’s a darn good question. :slight_smile:

I don’t know… I’m thinking maybe a class list field on the Course data type so you have easy access to the count of classes in a particular course (this list could also be the data source for the classes repeating group). Then, as the classes for a course are completed, you compare the number of completed classes to the total number of classes for the course, and when they are equal, you add the next course to the list I mentioned in my first response.

Now, if your next question is how do you know what the next course is, well, that, too, is a darn good question. If you can’t do it via course numbers or something like that, you could always have a number field on the Course data type that is used to define a sequence for the courses.

For courses I have a field Sort, so identify next course it won’t be dificult and I also have a list of classes as field on courses data type.

My problem is how to add a course to the list of visible courses.
I’ll appreciate your help in this step.
Thanks in advance.

Okay… I added an icon to the classes repeating group that is used to mark a class as completed. The second step in the workflow associated with that icon is shown in the following screenshots, and it produces the desired result of adding the next course to the user’s list of visible courses.

Again, this suggestion may certainly not be the best way to go, but until someone comes along a better idea (which might not be hard to do), well, it’s something. :slight_smile:



Works like a charm @mikeloc
Great help

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