Hide repeating group when no data present

Hi guys,

I have made two pages on bubble
The first is the mentor’s page (final mentor page) - https://learningcatalyst.bubbleapps.io/version-test/final_mentor?debug_mode=true

and the second page is a wishlist page (final wishlist page) - https://learningcatalyst.bubbleapps.io/version-test/final_whishlist_page?debug_mode=true .

  1. From mentor’s page you can select mentors, from which you would like to get connected by clicking on thum-sup (icon), selected mentor’s icon color will change to green and it will add in your wish-list page (like a bucket).

  2. By clicking on the wish-list button on top of the mentor page - your wish-list page will open and you will see your selected mentors.

  3. I have created a group on the wish-list page, when no mentor is selected from the mentor’s page this group should appear.

But I could not set the workflow for this. When repeating group is not present this group should appear.

Can any help me out?

You could insert the RP in a normal group. Add a condition to the normal group to say “when RP group X is empty, hide this group”. Same condition on the “wishlist is empty”, but to make visible, rather than hiding it.


Thanks for your reply,
I have already tried that, we don’t have option in condition tab, that when repeating group is “empty” hide this group

Maybe try with when RG Final Mentor’s list of pages:count is 0?

Hi Rico,

Thanks for your help, it worked.

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That’s what I meant!

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