Hide/Show reusable element by another reusable Element

I have 2 different reusable element, 1st Navigation bar, 2nd is Side Bar. I want to hide/show side bar by the icon on Navigation bar.

I have a custom state showSideBar on Navigation Bar, when icon is clicked its state is changing, however I can not hide/show sidebar.


HI @edipguney,

Have you got a condition set on the Side Bar element that tests whether the showSideBar custom state is set and shows/hides the element accordingly?


Perhaps you could provide some more information with some screenshots.

I have done this putting the side bar and the navigation bar in the same element. Then just hide show / animate or state.

Unfortunately you are very limited here , I believe you have only one option here that is to use a checker in the page , when you click 1st reusable, change some of its state than in the page have a condition as workflow > do when the condition is true > reusable element1’s show_reusable2’ is yes > set state of reusable element2 . But this slows down the app , especially on the page load . I think best practice is to have a connector I call them . The connector is in the page and the other 2 reusable stays as same and you would do your actions via the connector buton , in this case your connector is an icon and should be in the page not as reusable.

If you use this idea rather waiting bubble to allow trigger events through different reusables or my connector technique you will feel very frustrated when you need a fully responsive app ,For instance , when you need global search bar you will not be able to apply it to both desktop and mobile without loosing the whole idea of reusables.

I forgot to say the basic solution , when icon is clicked nav reusable set state show_side = yes , and in conditional of reusable element2 when nav’s show_side is yes this element is visible.

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I have tried this solution first. it worked.
:slight_smile: thanks alot, I could not think that.

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