Hiding rules not working?

Hi guys,

It seems that hiding rules are not working for me on single elements or on groups. I am try to apply some hiding rules to my navbar reusable element based on screen width. I can hide the entire navbar but trying to hide any element within the navbar doesn’t work.

Has anybody else come across this before?


Hi @josh7 :slight_smile: I have a reusable navbar with hiding rules and it looks like it’s working when I resize the page, but I’ve run into a couple situations before where hiding rules didn’t work as expected. Glad to take a look at the app’s editor to see if there may be something small causing the issue!

Oh that would be great! Thanks very much :pray: How can I give you access?

No problem at all! :slight_smile: You can temporarily set your app to public by going to Settings --> General --> Application Rights: Everyone Can View (or Edit). Then copy the editor’s URL and paste it in a new reply (or you can PM me it if you prefer!)

That’s great! I’ve just PMd you. Thanks again