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Hiding text within a repeating group

Is there any way to hide text within a repeating group? I have a repeating group content set up as:

“Date(s): [date 1], [date 2], [date 3], [date 4]”

I would like to hide the comma if one or more of the dates do not exist. For example, right now if two dates exist, it reads as:

“Date(s): 7/1/2016, 7/2/2016,”

If only the third date option is submitted, it shows as:

"Date(s): , , 7/1/2016, "

Any suggestions would be great, thank you!

Not sure if this will help but you could try to have a separate text containing a comma and a group inside the repeating group containing the text for the date and the comma.

try adding a constraint to the repeating group’s Do Search For… that the date must not be empty?

Thank you both! Will try it out.