Hiding _type and _id from DevTools?

I have a security-related question I was hoping to get some help with.

Is it possible to hide the _type and _id from DevTools, or is the database name always visible regardless of privacy settings?

In this attached example of the database ‘Records’, I have set the Privacy Rules to only show the Name and Email fields. I would prefer if the database name was not visible publicly but can’t find a way to hide it in the privacy rules I’ve set (image also attached).

Any help on this would be great. Thank you.

Bad news: Your entire DB schema is inexplicably public.

Good news: After sufficient outrage, Bubble announced it will resolve this. Check forum for more info.

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Missed this, can you link for me? Thanks!

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@chris.williamson1996, I assume Jacob is referring to this thread that you were active in, but maybe you missed Payam’s reply in that thread.

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I did miss that, Thanks Mike

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Sorry I didn’t link it earlier. My account was suspended a few weeks ago and one reason given was for linking other topics so I figured that links are frowned upon by someone…


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